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The Cryosphere

The Cryosphere [by Charli] The year is 2063. Decades ago, space was opened up, for exploration, for development, and for colonisation. Now, the forces of competing nation-states are scrabbling to expand into the galaxy, fortifying and industrialising former frontier worlds, and searching for potential alien allies. One such system, located near the border of the demilitarised zone between British and French space, has been thrust into great importance, and now is host to an impressive military presence.

But not all is well, banditry and piracy are still rife, the development of the system barely begun, and the uneasy peace with the French starting to break down.

As a raw recruit to the Royal Space Navy, you must pass through the Academy, and then work your way up through the ranks by performing missions, eventually reaching the rank of Commander.

Cryosphere is a Sci-Fi themed MUD that has been built from scratch, with some Aber influence. We have equipment saving, stores, banks, insurance, hospitals, wilderness, an integrated ship and docking system, simulators that you can safely train in, an academy for new players, an original scenario, and many unique missions.