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Version 2.7

Another update with more technical changes than content improvements, but it isn't all bad.

Decroix has been granted the rank of Captain (Retired), in return for his work on the new training sim but doesn't get a full Captain rank given his long absense :-(

And that's your lot (there are more interesting changes if you're an admin or developer, honest!)
Hopefully we'll have some more new game content before Spring!

This version of the Cryosphere brought to you by the letters R and C and the number 189.


Version 2.6.2

An update in under 3 months? Who'd have thought it? Again, lots of work on the codebase that you might not appreciate now, but there are a handful of shiny new things:

The Combat system is long overdue for an update, so we've started improving that, too. You can now wield two weapons at once if you wanted, though there's no benefit to doing so yet! You can also now hold shields instead of wearing them, letting you use shields even with bulky clothing like spacesuits and the like. On the downside, you can't wield things you are wearing anymore (sorry) and it is now a rather harder to raise your combat score to superhuman levels.

The justice system has been given a bit of a tweak, too. Military staff will take a dim view of you being naked and on duty, and gendarmes in New Lyon can have you deported if you're caught in the city without suitable paperwork!


Version 2.6.1

By our previous standards, an almost immediate update to 2.6! This is largely a maintenance release with various bugfixes and performance tweaks, but there are a few new features for you all. Amongst other things we have:

And that's mostly all, folks. Hopefully we'll have some more missions for you next time


Version 2.6


Version 2.3

Thanks to Charli, Daz, Ellyll, Gareth, Mariusz, Picayune, plett, Serriadh, Twiglet


We've moved

And you've found us. We have updated to point to this new host, but in the meantime you can use its real address - (port 6666 as ever).

Version 2.2

In addition to moving, we also upgraded to a new version. Thanks to Boyde, Charli, Daz, Gaz, Magnus, Mariusz, Orange, plett, Secret, and Serriadh.


MusicMUD release

You can now download MusicMUD 2.1. This is the codebase we are currently running (with a few improvements) but with Cryosphere-specific stuff cut out, and a small demonstration world. At the moment comes with very patchy docs indeed (so will only be of use to people who have previously built for Cryo), but this will be fixed at some point.



We are pleased to announce the mud now has live support for IPv6 (the next version of the Internet Protocol). The address is 6666.


Version 2.1


Server Upgrade

The server, Fluffy has been upgraded to 384MB of ram. This should result in a snappier mud. The development site is back up, too.

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