Main Connecting Starting


Our telnet address is (or, or port 6666. You might be able to connect by visiting telnet://, although this is likely to run a rather inadequate telnet client.

You can also connect to us securely with telnet over SSL.

For Windows, we suggest PuTTY or CRT.

For Linux, we suggest using our own client, crystal.

There are, of course, many other clients available for all platforms. Some of these we've reviewed for compliance to the specs. Sadly, the results are generally appalling.

If all else fails, you can connect with the java client on this website.


Keep your password safe and secret. If you forget it then you'll have to prove to the Administrators' satisfaction that it really is you - which is why you should make sure the email address set with the email command is valid.

What Next?

Once you've connected, further instructions are available on what to do next.