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The Cryosphere is an Imperial space station in the Music star system, which is considered to be of major strategic importance. With the Cryosphere (the largest human-built extrasolar space station in existence), control can be maintained over the whole system, from the mining operation on Skinner, to the hydrogren extraction from the gas giants, and the agricultural colony on Livingstone.

The station itself acts as the nerve centre for Navy operations in the system, with missions dispatched from the Station Office. It is a major port capable of handling heavy freighters, and can do light ship repair and maintenance.

Civilian operations on the station are somewhat limited, those operations here being mainly services for visiting ships and personel, or contractors for the military. Whilst the Cryosphere acts as the main freighter port in the system, most passenger traffic goes via Livingstone Interstellar Spaceport.

The Cryosphere is a work-in-progress. Although the spaceframe is complete, a lot of the internal space was left vacant. With the cutting off of the rest of the galaxy from Sol, construction work has begun to upgrade the available facilities - as it is anticipated that the Music star system will only grow in importance.

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